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Join mentor, veteran trader, market researcher and trading  championship winner Rob Mitchell for this live event introducing the absolute essentials on how to read market context like a pro to help improve  your  bottom line. Learn tips to help you save bad trades, get into better ones and reduce risk all at the same time.

In this live session Tomorrow (July 15th 2014 at 3:30 PM Central Time), Rob will discuss how to:

  •  Read the opening range to determine day type.
  •  Read higher time-frame market consolidation or trend conditions at a glance.
  •  Interpret reports by only knowing the time of the report.
  •  Identify the most important key levels on your intraday chart.
  •  Determine trend and market cycling accurately only with a momentum tool.
  •  Organize charts by order flow and market structure so you can see what is happening on your charts.

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Prepare To Be Amazed! Attend the Full Day Power Trading Network Event on June 26th

Attention All Traders!

We are so excited to finally bring you the full day Power Trading Network Event on June 26th. Sponsored by Ninjatrader, SharkIndicators and Trader Kingdom. For the past few months 10 of the most respected names in the trading industry have collaborating to provide you with the most accurate trading education for you to become master traders.
On top of this, we have made it a priority to only expose you to the most sophisticated software tools used by the best of traders so you’ll definitely want to attend each of the guest speaker presentations.
The event will run all day starting 9:30 am EST and will go until 7:30 pm EST. We hope you can attend the event as we are certain you will learn something new and we guarantee you will leave with an edge!
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IndicatorSmart Team


Be sure to attend our Webinar this Thursday June 19th 2014 with NinjaTrader:

This is a must attend event for intraday traders interested in finding premium trading setups, the correct trading trigger and the money management system that makes The Smart Patterns Trading  system the best complete intraday discretionary trading system we have ever seen!


  • The Most Important components of a complete trading system
  • Learn to trade successfully intraday and not get caught in the chop
  • A turn-key solution for serious intraday and day traders
  • How to be successful starting now
  • How to have unshakable confidence as a trader
  • Get the support you need to succeed

A free copy of SmartMomentum will be given away at the end of the webinar to the first respondent to a trading question based on the materials presented during the event. SmartMomentum is a key component of the Smart Patterns Trading System and is a $349 value.



Be sure to see our latest press release compliments of NinjaTrader:



Trading with a Winning Mind.  The webinar.  Don't miss it!



Prepare To Be Amazed! Attend the Full Day Power Trading Network Event on June 26th