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What is a .piz file and why do we use it?

Mail servers do not like executable files or .DLL files that NinjaTrader uses as indicators and strategies.  One way we get by this when mailing files is to change the name of the file.  When we do this and email it to you, it greatly increases the chances you will receive the email.  Once you get the file, here is how you convert it to be imported into NinjaTrader as an Indicator or Strategy.  If you are receiving the file for some other purpose, for example as a workspace or a BloodHound template file then all you need to do is change the name and unzip the file into the appropriate directory as shown in steps 1-3 below.

Change the .piz extension back to .zip. and import into NinjaTrader as a normal Indicator

1) To do this. first save the file to any convenient location on your computer, like your desktop.

2) Next Right click the file icon. After you do that you should see this: Rename the file

3) Select rename and move the cursor to the extension section where it says .piz and change it to .zip

4) Import  into NinjaTrader as usual and as below!

Ninja Install

If you need more help installing, Let us know.  We are always here to help!



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