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Secrets Of Super Systems Resources

Below is a summary of tools and resources to take you to the next level and beyond from the April 29, 2020 Shark  Webinar entitled "Secrets of Super Systems" and that you can use to make an excellent trading system as described in the webinar. There are a LOT of resources below. Get them all for best benefit. When getting tools below, consider getting the whole Smart Patterns Trading System for best pricing!:

Links to Indicators used or referenced in the webinar:

SmartRenko   (Easy Bloodhound Coding Not Required)

SmartSuperTrend   (Includes Easy Bloodhound Coding)

SmartPriceBands   (Easy Bloodhound Coding Not Required)

Smart Momentum   (Easy Bloodhound Coding Not Required- Use SmartBreakPoints)

TrappedTraderOscillator   (Easy Bloodhound Coding Not Required- Use SmartBreakPoints)

SmartBreakPoints  (This indicator can help to code any other indicator for breaking conditions)



TradeMarkers  (Easy Bloodhound Coding Not Required)

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Special Offer: Get a free two week no strings attached trial in the OilTrading Room by ordering $999 total or more from the above indicators or systems. Just ask following your order and you'll get it (offer good til Friday and runs through the end of May only. You'll likely learn tons 🙂

Free Bloodhound / Blackbird templates from the webinar (or build them yourself from the webinar recording). Unzip these to your Templates/Bloodhound folder to use in Bloodhound or for use in Blackbird using the link below:


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