Three Tags in the Box Pattern

One of my favorite tools is the Smart Super Trend Tool (SST).  It can be used for a variety of techniques like trailing stops in a trending market or as a support and resistance or zone tool in a consolidating one.  One of my favorite patterns for the consolidation variety is what I call three tags in the box pattern.  To see this pattern on your charts there are two steps. 1) Draw the box and 2) identify the pattern.

Let's do a couple examples for the short side. To draw the box, take the highest red and blue markers on the SST in a move.

SST as a Zone

You can highlight this using the Ctrl F12 key in NinjaTrader and extend it out into the future:

SST Zone and Patterns Trigger

Notice the pattern leaves the box twice and returns to tag into it. The best patterns have declining highs as shown:

SST Three Tags Pattern

Here is another trick that works again and again.  Very often the market will extend off these patterns by a 261, 361 or 461% extension off the height of the pattern:

SST Extension Patterns

SST is a key component of the Smart Patterns trading system and is in many respects a system unto itself. The patterns we have discussed also work very well with the Smart Patterns Bloodhound template shown in the above screenshots (red and green background colors that act as an excellent triggering system with a variety of bar types)

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