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Risk Disclosure:Futures and forex trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones’ financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.Please view our dislosure here: Disclaimer \vF?OцC)&^t3%2x6N<2999: $!6(V|ξgG'ٯd\dїQ2bVq᧙Zգŭsh2nd9i>ueGLLO-&`t Y^GxWe$y,OxFi,E7I^槱5vZ#Òι裀\dQd/y9K), @+ydӲL?9dq0dr{׶&_5D8!를qFRi6GrRzXy=e;yxz!/:yK,$ng9 KC6eXڐPFW؎owkƬ1 I h"bpQF]#c'п c6t-A5FWV<'~c!X A8- 9jud um2^.`HA8 >-E9l?"sz.)+͊0XQO_~zMhʡ᳆}S+8 7l؛JBģ~|L,/r/=ĻHxJF%wsm= pno5_P<јZ:o&" ɠwbv'Q(/m5;4F6`KkLz 4W+L]WnCH$"3r23 b4N"@Щ{՚ѨXa0y ѳ͟X~zc+a16~%ZqFCfˇ}LIg |& 9aAj-ߎd6<$ +}HNF rFCWի]ZM'YV+) HMSAʈ<S6O4O\~{ǂ$P?gAk\S5kjdžG7M.MjNaۥAud^XF+IݼH-ʋl)kQ.~,W ^E=nd9J:^h w}jS,[$l AM~'~$Ű/HYsC[DZO0bT[ O(󣅵pc䰅%UH-Uk]'ar{{uWJd P pYdu[ǝjH&>5Q! B#^@5YHȄbhw7Q|҅QQIxݐF4eO=|Z,J&)1a(4b` k$ԫe)j<p'[jJRH0Oѩa2U=N-VQO/_n ό5z!Jpbvoi6i7_q^.t;شz1ĥf:o?2? ^+zV=E;kb lrÒd =oAܴSzV29a÷ D^XNo^_X f~eADiAlwT "k-alӬᧈq@^M\LaN Սwh^n۲P^S"DB(m}ER"Ё`Zxa ~_^/8'ixM z-VnCGHFuN|fNNNt;J 64U-]&]y 䑳FӶ#0S 40OaTڷ4Q [7= s.kΪO:$͸W++QN& [4綛boM`/S▒z-F ||Nc~t˶'Vn P3{2YC gSʜ.LU/XKc_¸Ă^zj_PxŇ:լS-;0tYBce rr8+9*sryȗ`ovFMPͽ$v!&+.C09bgx)^/2kR߸캖+k-`PzօY=,i"Yw5(k:=)2H"&\wy8ާ5ݣ:Pu1A?a݁_{)v:oymm\X1ĥ~nr=kY^oCJ^oD. b a9 "ͷ"?[a{|Ç"p&{< &im@\u͝*t?8?(46"c^_H=x`bmp@|s<|ۀ҆~lG"`}u?uS?䙢7Ff='?GBt>2*`9Jmƥ;Gi %T Nfq) yKI0 4<\ #D!(oQi>*YpȆ N*"^XN"3ӤsT9?{{{GG~`߽B8-EC }Txp_Ĉ#G/䬤}hsK:1rwT ʆ:o3MA:mKFQ󋳳//Tkc?豪t~7n{2$ޒ8ǔQ8w<ϩBʣ5ϐq=b!n$RwUIEJo"?:vN:Gp1q)4U2XnW`=kT_8@J<kȽ*(ʌDVrfHi@N­R^<G2 GPkyF .w \ WHŐ1f$,.TkN,?ޙs-T/$RNR h-1$u4EO,,8 ̗7TL&QBxlзݭ"PT TbX8ZN8ё U6@iڄ0ŊyZ*Vq&V,s"s'29y\DaĪ, 6ztRMJrEa^P-rq0qH,Eel6&*]./jIgFqJ rrkTUm:嵠>%2`Vf D#~9?Ez7 Kd/8 yNbB#[~ R~ <|.[ЗO\u9 <@^<"%v"3fG%(M a!)Ή&sQ Z\ l#ۑGW4_yy΁YK, ntADT)3"M1 g!ow*6E@G3\ "1695S,OzfL3JUd1:5?R\&]j*92ft!Zu 瀜XAfNyYǖ}Vg?MZ@xe8cfwʵ "@x',yArl+.S@-SG\Y>P>tTpX)TBW^:Q$HlO#8(*%Av:2 үoѫ\YGB03H@DUF`$&3/1"˾yѓ| _|b m: PT pu IFJh FAP_&H.hxAY' B)H5J6,=@9O!|վ{ V X )>ǒ^eο٧yHiZwUtj1p{7zFCU FEj+UgjN5zzy..7ɶ q^;oI3uqis[ækNj&'آ;9[~WjlfPC%EHQlw5j;Vx@S2Cʚ\7"*3eJacXs۟!P<\zO"̯dJ!m(/JIvC0>Sɐi8y*@y IY“yBC`]RI T.K҃)()Z3`  ]BzBPA$)#l( XMȐE,[3K!D3|ل>Y&Q1LB?$r4UwF! HPO6 > 3L̄C.U)*TQu`ս'iȃnieW$5|Uu(^k~M5[/^>?{%ˈH#CqZ"D-5E6T0= H`Jw?X ,?B 2}hߟ׵> Ҿvdȴu(Tĩdǹ%>ՂWrU'ֺYm6HX&ѽnC}݌ MSlY Uz4ɠ~̵K.(Q0w:m$D$xth{~Gox&g?RphyWW_~m j aAIXœŧbd1]WMC0%Uv]L\FĹb" #Lݨjw&55woTS"T5=vv?;>QlwZo5vo üITP:/U°& _#h5Lpp׻T z0vG8Ka[V[Us5AC+Niӝ0$Q3Y8L8|I = s`>gbGa쫵{lsE?&6s+.Eql\'(!ѐ5kbwX&w|?QM?| vθ`nmL54_:PޚW,3ʤh JBpT{Pv3޾>i9`d<vn0 33)yruKx&?)}OT<[p 9.\ ax0(Y?&,K;хBdQ@9#7.x)6Q+/Pk|?P