Welcome to IndicatorSmart.com!

We have been developing indicators for traders for years but have not had a website that makes those indicators available in a clear and concise manner. So here it is!  This site strives to provide you with the best tools and resources to make informed decisions about what indicators you need to approach trading in a competent way.

Each trader has a little different way of approaching things, and we try to meet all those angles. Whether it be Counter-Trend trading, Trend trading, Intraday or Swing Trading, in Futures, Forex or Stocks, we have tools that can help you to approach the art of trading with an edge.  Further, our tools are designed to be used in conjunction with Shark Indicators Bloodhound so that you can easily create trading systems in your chosen market and time frame.

We try to feature different products at the top of the site at various times and we write blog articles in the bottom of the main page to support the tools we offer. The content describing the tools is largely video driven to save you time in learning if a particular tool is for you and to help you to see it in action.

We strive to be brutally honest about trading so if you are looking for empty hype, you won't find it here.

Please also be sure to join us for discussion and to ask any questions you might have. One thing we have found is traders are often afraid to ask questions. Trading is complicated and often a small subtle change in what you are doing can make a huge change in your bottom line.  When you ask us questions it helps us to help you and to make better products.

We also from time to time operate a trading room, so be sure to get on our mailing list so we can let you know when we are having a special event, promotion or live trading.

Again, Welcome to IndicatorSmart!

Rob Mitchell