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Changing a bar slot assignment on a Shark Indicator Bar Type

Ninja has a limited number of "slots" for custom bartypes, and there is no way to know which companies are using which slots. Luckily we had foresight with this problem, so we designed our bars to be easily moved to a different slot. Please follow these instructions to change the slot of our bar:
Part #1 is to find out which slots are available in your NinjaTrader, by importing & running an indicator that will tell you which slots are available.
1) Download and import the SiInstalledBarsInfo indicator. Download link:
2) After you have imported the indicator, add SiInstalledBarsInfo to any chart. A window will open telling you which slots are available (IE, Custom0, Custom1, Final0, Final1). Write one of these slots down.
Part #2 is to Exit NinjaTrader, so the Config.xml file can be modified.
1) Close NinjaTrader
2) Open a file browser, and go to ...\Documents\NinjaTrader 7\ folder.
3) Right-click on Config.xml file, and select Edit. Notepad should open.
4) In Notepad, click the Edit pull-down menu, then select Find
5) Search for <PeriodTypes>
6) This will find the following lines of text below:
7) Find the Si bar type that is missing or conflicting with your other custom bar. Change the number in the word "Custom#" to the available slot number you found in Part #1..
9) Exit NotePad, and Save the changes.
10) Restart NinjaTrader.
11) If the bar is not listed in the Data Series, then repeat these steps and use a different Custom# or Final# slot name.

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