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Extended Realities for Master Traders

Extended Realities for Master Traders

By Robbins World Cup Champion Trader Rob Mitchell


If you understood everything I said, you’d be me.

Miles Davis

When I was a kid, I was looking up at the sky and I asked my father: Where does that go? He told me it goes on forever. I’ve never received any evidence to the contrary after thinking about that for over six decades. What we see when we look out there is consciousness itself. It goes on forever and we are the participants. We are also beneficiaries of that infinite nature if we choose not to box ourselves into a finite one. This kind of thinking can be a game changer for a trader.

Knowledge is freedom and ignorance is slavery. 

Miles Davis

This article addresses the nature of consciousness and ways of allowing it to be an observer to a larger and often more bountiful reality as it relates to trading and life. In it, I’ll share a few observations and revelations I’ve had over the years which I’ve shared with my clients and that they have reported back to me as having been valuable for them.  So, the discussion may be looking at reality in a different way than what might be common (disregard it if it does not apply to you):

In a sea of infinite information all information is no information.

In a sea of infinite information, all information has already occurred. The future is already past.

Everything is knowable given one is tuned to the right frequency or channel.

In a sea of infinite information, any information can be made to be a given desired information (by logic and/or reason).

In a sea of infinite information all perception is selective perception. In other words what is, is chosen and is (likely) different from what is (elsewhere). Thus, all truth is made truth (on the level on which the truth is made). In plain English, we make our reality based on the pieces or collections of information that we select from the sea of infinite information. Thus, everyone ends up with a slightly different perception of reality and that is the truth that we each believe it to be.

You have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself. 

Miles Davis

Any problem that is met on the same level as the problem cannot by definition solve the problem; if a problem is to be solved, it must be addressed outside the level in which it occurs.

No direct knowledge can be communicated. Knowledge can only occur through direct experience. Thus, each person has their own distinct reality. This other reality will vary more than observers may estimate. It may in fact be vastly different even where it appears to be the same.

Presumptions of fully shared reality are guaranteed to be false. However, they can be similar enough that they can be shared (but never equal). Relativity is real. Learning must occur through direct experience or revelation. Being told something and repeating it, is not learning (it is a demonstration of compliance even if the system in which it occurs is not understood [which is actually likely / often the case]).

Literally, what is out there, is what the inside of your head looks like. Similarly, though it may not immediately seem to be the case, what it looks like is a choice.

The reason financial markets appear to be largely random is due to the above facts. Each person looking at a chart will see entirely different things. There are certain points at which the degree of shared reality becomes greater or less than at other times. The times at which the shared reality becomes the greatest is usually when (or following) the maximum number of participants have been damaged.

Given the above, the utilization of logic (or linguistic models) to solve real world problems (i.e. trading), is destined to be random at best, if not damaging or even catastrophic. Thus, the use of what is commonly thought of as intelligence, is nothing of the sort. Intelligence must arrive from another level than the one on which it is observed. Intelligence in common usage is past tense. Thus, what appears as intelligence in most cases cannot by definition provide a consistent advantage.

Rational or logical mental processing are bound to time. Thus, it is also bound to linearity. Linear processes by definition ignore anything outside their own definition. In other words, they are systems oriented.

Systems occur by defining boundaries (or rules) in which actions can occur. Consequently, systems cannot see outside themselves. Systems will not change until they experience sufficient damage or frustration that they can no longer function effectively. As a result, change in systems can only occur at the boundaries of the system. Due to the narrowness of systematic processing, the more degrees of freedom a problem has, the less functional the system becomes. Reality itself by definition has infinite degrees of freedom. All possibilities are existent. Anything that can occur has occurred (somewhere). As a result, to understand absolute reality, linear logic cannot be used.

One must analyze the boundaries of the system and not that which is normal within the system in order to be successful in exploiting it. This is a different kind of thinking than most people are accustomed to. It is a type of thinking that is actually quite liberating. It applies to all aspects of life or interfacing with reality and non-linear systems. Which is the very nature of nature (or consciousness) itself. Expert / Master traders employ a process along these lines.

It’s not about standing still and becoming safe. If anybody wants to keep creating, they have to be about change.

Miles Davis

All the concepts in this article are related. Consideration, exploration and understanding of the concepts and their relationships will likely reap benefit and wisdom.

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Happy New Year 2024!


Rob is the President of Axiom Research & Trading Inc., the mother company to the,, and other ventures that support traders. Rob has been the largest Emini S&P trader in the world at various times and has won the prestigious Robbins World Cup Emini Trading Championship. He has been a trading system developer for over three decades. He is a proven researcher, developer, trading educator, presenter, and mentor helping others to achieve their dreams as traders and beyond.