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How to make a chart in NinjaTrader

To make a chart in NinjaTrader, first make sure the symbol you want to load is available.  To do this click:  Tools, Instrument Manager.  Search for the desired symbol and then click the left arrow to add it to the list.  Once this is done, proceed below to open a chart.

Add Symbol


To make a chart in NinjaTrader go to the Control Center and click:

1) File, New, Chart.



2) Select the desired Symbol  (If the desired symbol is not on your list, then see the above instructions).

Desired Symbol


3) Then click the New button. Then select the chart Type you want (Smart Renko or Ultimate Tick Bars for example). If you have any templates you might like to apply to the chart, select the template in the templates box at the bottom right and click OK.  Your chart should now load.


Select Chart Type