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The Smart Break Points System

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Product Description

As covered in the Shark Indicators Bloodhound System webinar (see the webinar below), is this special offer:

This package includes:

  1. The Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator which helps you to see traps and leadouts in the market.  It is like a view inside the bars.  In the template we built during the webinar it was used to identify leadouts.  When this is combined with price action momentum, it is often a great, fairly low risk area to trade.
  2. The Smart BreakPoints Indicator.  This indicator helps us to measure leadouts in any indicator.
  3. The Smart Trend System.  This trend system predicts the color of the next bar at about the 87% level historically and is used in the system to predict follow through and momentum with the order flow in the Smart Break Points and the Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator.
  4. The Breakpoints System Template for BloodHound (see below).
  5. The BreakPoints System Chart Template to make your install simple (see below).

If you would like to also get the Ultimate Tick Bars, The Smart Renko bars, and /or Shark Indicators BloodHound to run the System, also add those to your cart using the links below.

When you later decide to upgrade to the full Smart Patterns System that is used by individual traders and in the trading rooms, this purchase can be applied to that already discounted system cost.

If you do not already have Shark Indicators BloodHound,  Add it to your cart now:  http://indicatorsmart.com/product/bloodhound/

If you would like to also have the Ultimate Tick Bars discussed in the webinar (for best performance), Add it to your cart here:  http://indicatorsmart.com/product/ultimate_tick_bars/  Or the Smart Renko (strongly recommended), Add it to your cart here: http://indicatorsmart.com/product/smart-renko/

Below is the link to the Trading System / Shark Indicators BloodHound template from the webinar.   Break Points-V1.2

Following Installation of the above, you can open the system chart after unzipping the chart template linked below into your NinjaTrader7/templates/chart directory and opening a new chart from that template.  Smart Break Points System Chart Template

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Rob Mitchell




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