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Smart Consulting


With Consulting we can often help a trader who is near being successful and help him to get a handle on a problem area.  Often,  we are able to identify the problem area and come up with a plan for correcting the issue relatively quickly.  There are many things involved in being a successful trader.  Everything needs to be lined up for it to work.  If you do not know each of these aspects and how they impact one another, it is virtually impossible to correct a problem in your trading.  If you think consulting may be appropriate for you sign up.  If you are unsure, then by all means ask.   Many times a trader may not know what to ask. This is ok. We are used to it.  So, ask anyway.


Product Description

With Consulting the first hour is $349.00.  All consulting is billed in full hour increments following the initial hour. If a trader wishes to purchase additional consulting hours beyond the first hour, the decision to do so can be made during the initial consulting session. In this case, additional blocks of time can be purchased (up to 4 hours total) which will be billed by separate invoice at a discount by the following schedule:

2nd hour:  $299.00

3rd Hour: $199.00

4th Hour: $99.00

Consulting is non-refundable as it often involves sharing of trade secrets.



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