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Smart Dynamic Acceleration Detection (SDAD)

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SDAD for NT7 and NT8 is identifies patterns in any time series (price or any indicator) where the indicator is in a state of acceleration.  This tool helps to contextualize the market, any indicator or price and can be used as a trend indicator.  SDAD works by painting the bar colors on your chart and was designed primarily for use with oscillators that vary between 0 & 100% or that are bounded and alternate about a midline (no negative values).

SDAD was designed originally for use with the TTO / TrappedTraderOscillator from IndicatorSmart, but can be used with any input consistent with its design by embedding the Data Series Input with the desired input (technically any indicator or price).

As of this writing, using the default settings, in Crude Oil, on a 10 brick Smart Renko chart (from IndicatorSmart), the probability for continuation (following a cyan or magenta bar) is approximately 89% making this tool a nice addition to your trading toolbox 🙂  SDAD can also be used on other bar types and time frames. More specifics of these types of patterns and associated potential probability stacking for even higher probability follow through are included in the manual

SDAD also has an output series for programming in Shark Indicators Bloodhound that outputs a plus or minus one to the series where the bar color condition is true.  This makes coding the stat of the indicator easy in Bloodhound, Blackbird, Raven and other tools.




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