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Smart Patterns Template for Bloodhound License for Crude Oil


If you already own the Smart Patterns Trading System and would like to add another market then you are in the right place.   Be sure to notate which market you would like the module to be for and we will generate it for you.  Also know, if you add two Smart Patterns for Bloodhound modules (for three total) then we will convert your system into an unlimited license.  For example, if you have ES Smart Patterns licensed for one market and add two of this product then following conversion you will be able to use your Smart Patterns Trading System to any market.  Other excellent markets that are now being traded include: ES, CL, TF, 6E, GC, HSI (Hang Seng), FDAX   *Note: Please refer to SharkIndicators on licensing related questions.

Note: If you already own BloodHound and  and already have other the other necessary Smart Tools already on your machine and would like to take advantage of our Bloodhound Template as seen in the Smart Patterns Trading System, then order this template and simply tell us which market you would like it for (inquire for more details).  If you need Bloodhound also then get that by Clicking Here:

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