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Smart Patterns Ultimate

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If you would like Smart Patterns Ultimate Package that operates on all futures markets then this is the right place. This system is designed to help you to operate a trading business and capture short to intermediate term intraday trends in futures markets using our proprietary Smart Patterns discretionary trading system.  Several auxiliary tools and resources are provided to help you to advance your skills on an ongoing basis and additional consulting is included to help you to be successful.  This is done with the intent of helping you to find low risk entry points and to utilize the trade position management system so you can operate your trading as a business. If you want to learn the business of the worlds highest paid people this is what you need. Trade secrets will be disclosed and manuals will be delivered following acceptance of the terms and conditions of your purchase.  There are two options for existing BloodHound Users and those who do not already have BloodHound.   If you have not seen the webinar, See it Here.  See order options below for more information and be sure to include your NinjaTrader Machine ID in the space provided with your order for faster service.  This collection of amazing tools an incredible offer and is currently offered at the lowest pricing ever!

The following tools and resources are provided:

  • Smart Patterns Triggering system for BloodHound for Unlimited Markets  (a $2097 value)
  • Ultimate Tick Bars Package  (a $1392 value)
  • SmartSuperTrend (a $399 value)
  • SmartMomentum (a $349 value)
  • Smart SupportResistance (a $349 value)
  • Smart Zones (a $249 value)
  • Smart Volume Profile (a $349 value)
  • Course / Trading Manual (a $1250 value)
  • Bar Patterns manual and Indicator Manuals (Included Free)
  • Trapped Trader Oscillator (a $949.00 value)
  • Smart Lines and Smart Thickness (a $199 value)
  • Smart Trend System (a $848 value)
  • Smart Volume Stats (a $249 value)
  • Bloodhound Professional for triggering into your trades (a $795 Value)
  • Ongoing support (a $648 value)
  • Oil Trading Room members also receive the Smart Renko Bars at no additional charge
  • Additional Resources

Total Smart Patterns Ultimate Value

Smart Patterns Ultimate with BloodHound and Ongoing Support for $5,994.00

Smart Patterns Ultimate and Ongoing Support (I already own Bloodhound) for $5,199.00


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SP Ultimate and Bloodhound, SP Ultimate with Oil Trading Room and BloodHound, SP Ultimate (I already own BloodHound), SP Ultimate with Oil Trading Room (I already Own BloodHound)


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