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Smart Zones Drawing Course




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There are many different kinds of indicators a trader can use, but often the very best technique is in manually working with charts. This is true because a certain intimacy is created by doing this that does not generally occur with the application of an indicator.  Due to this intimate interaction with charts, the trader is given the opportunity to learn subtle relationships that can often make a big difference for them. In fact this is most often where profound learning takes place.  As a result, we have created this simple and casually presented course on drawing supply and demand zones on your charts.

Of course, the Smart Zones tool may be applied, and SmartZones compute in a certain way, but the techniques  in this course teach how to draw them manually in a completely different way and cover the theory behind identifying viable zones in a way that a computer cannot just do.  This relates to the way a market moves to or from a zone in order to understand its validity. So, even if you have the SmartZones  indicator, this course is recommended for advanced learning and theory.

The course is made up of a short power point presentation followed by a short 19 minute video that was made for students who needed help in drawing zones.  This made it easy for them to understand and got them up and running as zone experts in relatively short order.

The course will be set up for you on a private web page where you can view it. Instructions will be sent following your purchase. If you do not receive instructions promptly and it is a week day, drop us a note to be sure your order is being processed.  And, as always, if you have questions ask.

If you have an interest in a possible course topic, let us know, we might make it for you and always appreciate ideas from our customers.



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