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Trading System Design, Building & Analysis [WEBINAR RESOURCES]

This is a resource page for the shark webinar we did on 8/12/2021.


We did three main things at the webinar:


1) We discussed theory and the design of a trading system that we built live during the webinar. The basic point was, if we use solid system building concepts, the system will, by definition be better than random in result.  Further, if we build for simultaneous or sequential overlap of such designs triggering, we will get what we call "probability stacking."


We teach these concepts and beyond daily in the trading room (click to join).


2) We built the trading system live during the webinar.


We used the following three NinjaTrader Indicator components (click to learn more):

Smart 123

Ultimate Order Flow Bars

Smart Price Bands


3)  We exported the results to Smart TradeMarkers for analysis.  We discussed various ways trademarkers works and can be used to understand and execute your trading system.  It has shown to be a big gamechanger for many of our users.

Click here to download some more information on Smart TradeMarkers.

Click Here to see the Smart TradeMarkers page on our website.


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