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Welcome to (Premium NinjaTrader Day Trading Strategies & Solutions):

Many Traders commence their journey by reading a book or seeing a webinar or video that is suggesting a high probability for success. Real trading, whether it be day trading, swing trading or scalping is fraught with difficulties regardless your level. These difficulties can come from assumptions about trading that are just not true, random indicators or ourselves getting in the way.

My name is Rob Mitchell. I am a Robbins World Cup Trading Champion Trader and have at various times been called, “The largest Emini trader in the world.”  My journey as a trader was also as described above.  There is no day in which I have not learned something new and I have been doing this for 30 years (in an industry where the average participant lasts less than 3).  In the last 8 years, I have taught trading every trading day and have helped thousands of traders.

The trading indicators on this site are the result of these decades of thought, testing, trading and development of the tools. The indicators were designed and developed with substantial intent to each provide specific functions that are based from the ground-up on the exact way in which markets function and work.

To learn a bit more about this, continue reading below about the  Four Quadrants and descriptions of our approach. It is different than what you might be used to and I think you’ll like it 🙂

Our trading approach is simple, proven and effective.

There are four basic trading system quadrants; Price Action & Trend, Order Flow, Momentum and Order Flow Momentum and Support/ Resistance and Targeting.

Many of our trading indicators have been mapped using Bayes Theorem to historical probabilities for follow-through of at least 75% and greater. We do this scientifically.

When these categories line up, we get theoretical probability stacking on our charts. 

Every trading indicator we put on our charts are arranged with the above concepts; everything is intentional, nothing is by accident.

Each indicator can be inclined towards “pushing” or “pulling” the market to a level to complete known patterns.

Sometimes one or more trading indicators can be giving multiple signals, so you can get as many as 7 (or more) of these patterns aligned at the same time. Two or three is sufficient to warrant taking a trade.

This approach can transform your outcome towards success dramatically.

Ready to jump in?  Check out the Amazing Packages at the bottom of this page. You can also select the Product Categories (at the top of the page), Products or Get More Tabs above or use the site search tool above.  Or, keep reading below if you’d like to to learn how the very best trading systems / methods are built and other trading system / method building secrets…

Price Action & Trend:

Price Action trading is at the core of a good trading system. Price Action starts with bar type selection and builds up from there.  This is super important because this determines what gets fed to your indicators; noise or meaningful information. Once selected, and depending on the bar type used, trading patterns will emerge that repeat over and over again. This creates shapes or geometry on your charts that is absolutely fundamental to the way markets work. So you start with this if you want to build trading strategies or systems that are robust.

Order Flow:

Order Flow tends to lead Price Action. Once your chart is set up with the appropriate bar type, and with the right Order Flow indicator (and similar to the way Price Action works), patterns and geometries will emerge on your charts that repeat over and over again.  Because Order Flow tends to leads Price Action, you begin to operate at a level that is predictive in trading and not random. This is the starting point where novice traders and those who know separate; one towards success and the other towards failure.

Momentum & Order Flow Momentum:

Momentum and Order Flow Momentum analysis are key to successful Market Analysis on a properly set-up chart.  In the same way Order Flow leads Price Action, so too does Price Action Momentum and Order Flow Momentum. Repeating patterns and shapes emerge and from these patterns come trading probabilities. This is true for all the categories in the Four basic Quadrants of Trading System & Strategies Building. When patterns of known result to complete are on your chart, the probability for success rises substantially with each successive component in the Quadrants.  We call this Probability Stacking.

Support Resistance & Targeting:

Markets often trade to and away from Support / Resistance or Targets. When you are moving towards a target / Support Resistance with a known probability, then the market tends to “Pull” Price Towards it. When you have known probabilities in the other Quadrants and you are moving towards Support Resistance or Targets, you get even more theoretical probability Stacking.  There are two types of such trading probabilities; those that increase as you move towards them and those that decrease. In this general category, they will tend to increase. For this reason we refer to them as “Pulling.”

Specialty Indicators:

Some trading Indicators and tools do not fit neatly into the above Four Quadrants: Price Action & Trend, Order Flow, Momentum & Order Flow Momentum and Support Resistance and Targeting. These Indicators usually provide a specialized function like computing special derivatives of other indicators or divergence.

For example, the Smart Dynamic Acceleration Detection Indicator can tell you if the Trapped Trader Oscillator is accelerating or expanding and plot it onto your price bars. Another Example is feeding the Smart Momentum  into the Smart Break Points Indicator and using it to identify divergence before it completes.

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“Rob’s products are fantastic….”

“u guys have helped us learn soooo much in the last year it is amazing”

“Please know how grateful I am for you and Michelle, changed my life, and thus the lives of my family, forever. Thanks”

“I couldn’t express my gratitude enough for your knowledge and teaching. It has helped me tremendously to understand the market and how to use statistics in knowing what shouldn’t be known.”

“I am laying back with a great bottle of wine reviewing my weekly results which were my BEST EVER.   I am soon approaching making as much in a week as I made working for the man in almost a year.  Thank you for sharing my journey.  The environment in the room simply fosters creativity and sharing.  I have flourished in the OTR and I might not have done as well on my own.”