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Market PlayBook aka Market Mapping

Market PlayBook, aka Mapping is a technique I’ve been developing for over 20 years.

A Market Map helps to give you a vision of what the market is trying to do in the present and what it is likely to do in the future. Just as empowering, it tells you whether it is behaving normally or not. This is super important.

It’s like having a road map of the market; like driving with a GPS that knows not only where you are, but where you are going, the best way to get there and whether or not you are off course.  There are many ways to read this from the map that we teach and that are setting up or not all day, so it’s a PlayBook of the market all day long.

There are a variety of forms and applications of Mapping that we use and it is extremely powerful with many ‘stats’ from the maps in the 80-100% historical probability zone.

When the market moves successively with an established shape or pattern, it tends to play it out. When it does it successively, you may get Probability Stacking.

Market Mapping is not an indicator in the traditional sense. As a result, Market Mapping is only made available in the trading rooms. Some of these predictive maps are published up to a week in advance. There’s nothing quite like having a roadmap of the market up to a week in advance.

I have referred to and taught some of these methods in past webinars.  Join the trading room  (or click the icons below to go there now) for maximum benefit to learning these methods.