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About Us

CEO Message:

We are a consultancy to world class successful traders, daytraders and hedge funds as well as individual traders. Our methods and the trading technologies behind them will not be found in the main stream or based on methods that may have worked decades ago (or even more recently). We are in a very different trading environment than at any time in the past. What used to be viable, has been exploited to no remaining benefit by those with fast computers and algorithmic capabilities, large capitalization and near zero commission capabilities. To be successful, you need to outSmart these participants.

90% of this business (retail futures trading) has become a derivative. The only real people trading have skills. Everyone else is paying a so called prop firm to not trade. Dealing with liquidity is a major part of trading. If you are ‘successful’ paper trading (i.e. prop firm etc.) Then it doesn’t mean you can be successful doing the same in the real world. If you’d truly like to be successful, you will have to bridge this gap by doing real trading.

If you’d like to build trading systems and learn more about it or hone your trading skills and etc. using our trading tools to do automation or semiautomation, we recommend OTR daytrading room membership.

Many ask us about coding trading systems. We do not offer coding services. If you are going to hire a programmer and don’t know exactly what you are going to code in advance in every nuance, then don’t hire a programmer. Programmers are rarely traders, and programmers rarely have trading domain expertise. If they did, you’d never meet them because they wouldn’t be programming.

We fervently believe to be successful as a daytrader, you must operate in the future. Most traders operate in the past. This is the main reason traders lose because in trading the present is the past unless you are in the future. This is not a concept that will make sense to someone who has not experienced what is being described here. And further still having it pointed out to them so they can come to know it. If this subject makes no sense, then you don’t know. We recommend Manifesting Your Future and Trading Room membership.

If you read a book on trading or got some indicators from a programmer or marketing company and are planning on making a living as a trader in a short time, simply put, no you’re not. Learning to trade requires time and skill. You are pitting yourself against brilliant people with huge financial resources. Taking their money will be the hardest thing you ever do successfully. It can be done, but you’ll need to know something and you’ll likely have some reasonable majority of these participants on your side when you trade.

Why Our indicators tools and technologies have been developed by real awarded and proven traders and daytraders not to be marketed and sold, but for our own use. We use what we code daily for many years and have refined it with 10s of 1000s of hours of live trading and share it with limited people / traders who are wanting to place themselves a step above. We are a niche company with a long standing devoted and loyal customer base. In addition to indicators and educational resources, we offer advanced educational opportunities through the trading rooms. And other resources that promote human excellence like Manifesting Your Future.

What makes a successful trader or daytrader? It’s all about having a reasonably good 1) tool kit / indicators / resources, 2) a reasonable skill set, and 3) having your mind in the right place. This endeavor will be the most rewarding thing you ever do because in the end, the only thing that thing keeps one from success are the 3 things above. As a result, focus on these things is irreducible. Those that tend to these things can greatly accelerate their potential. What’s coolest about it is the path is non linear. You hit critical mass faster as you go. Futher still you’ll own these skills and they translate to everything in life. It’s a journey with immense implications.

By definition, you cannot likely trade obvious methods, those mass marketed, widely published methods and be successful; you must place yourself in the top 5% or better. The more traders using a method, the more likely it is to be worthless. Because we are a boutique company serving the interests of devoted long term clients with unique methods based on exactly the way markets work, we can provide excellent trading solutions to those who aspire towards excellence (the 5% that can succeed). If you’d like to learn, and advance your trading career with viable real methods and solutions and are willing to be reasonable and honest with yourself and work hard towards success, then we welcome you home to and its partners!

IndicatorSmart is a Veteran owned and operated business.

Take a look at our Smart Patterns Trading Systems or Individual Indicators.