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How to install a third party chart template in NinjaTrader or Copy a NinjaTrader Chart

One way to copy a chart in NinjaTrader is to save it as a template and open a new chart using that template.  The new chart will have all the indicators from the previous chart.

You may also share charts with other users using this method.  The only difference might be times.  NinjaTrader only syncs to your computer clock for time so you may have to adjust values inside indicators where there are input parameters for time.

NinjaTrader chart templates go in the NinjaTrader Templates Charts directory

.ninjatrader charts directory


If you receive a chart template from a third party, simply place the file in this directory.

NinjaTrader Chart Templates are .xml files.  xml files to not translate well in Microsoft Windows on their own. Therefore, it is best of the file is zipped for delivery.  If the file you received is a zip file, then you will want to unzip it into the templates/charts directory.  A file that was not zipped may be more susceptible to errors.

Once the file is int he correct directory and in the correct .xml format (i.e. unzipped), you can then access it on your chart templates.

Right click your NinjaTrader chart and select templates:

Accessing templates

Note there are choices there to Load or Save.  Use Save to save your own templates in order to copy or share as described above.

Then simply load chart templates using Load.

You can also save as default so all charts will open with that template in the future.

If you put a zip file in this directory and then later click Load, you will not see the template on the list.  If this occurs, go back into the Templates/Chart folder and unzip the file there as previously described.

The above enables you to share files with other users and copy charts!