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Leasing is a great way to get started with Smart Indicators or as an alternative to upgrading! All our leases are for a period of time that then become a lifetime license.  Below you can find all the Lease Purchase options for the Smart Patterns Trading System packages for NinjaTrader 8.  

Here’s how it works:  Leases recur on PayPal recurring payments for the package you choose. If you complete the full lease term, you then own a  lifetime license for the tools in your lease.  It’s that simple.  Best yet, the lease includes available upgrades on request during the lease period where applicable.  If you do not complete the lease,  then the lease purchase is cancelled. If it is completed then you have the lifetime license for your Smart Patterns Trading System Package.  It’s that simple! 

In order to get started with the lease and get immediate delivery of your chosen Smart Patterns toolset, select your desired option below by clicking the lease link. To learn more about each package click the name of the Pack and it will take you to that page.  Upon completion of your order, PayPal will instantly route you to your downloads and manuals.  After you place your Lease Purchase order, copy and paste your Ninjatrader NinjaTrader Machine ID to us using the Contact page. 

Smart Patterns Daytrading System

30 Month Lease:
Min Pack $118 / Month: Lease this Pack
Ultra Pack $165 / Month: Lease this Pack
Ultra Plus $187 / Month: Lease this Pack
Ultra Max Pack $278 / Month: Lease this Pack
Ultra Max Plus $399 / Month: Lease this Pack
Get it All Pack $489 / Month: Lease this Pack
** Trading Room Pack $239 / Month   * The Trading Room Pack is by far our most popular package.  There may be other Lease Purchase options for Trading Room Members on this package): Lease this Pack Now

* If you would like to Upgrade a Lease (from this page), please request this of our accounting department (including specifics) via the Contact form. The accounting department will create a new customized lease for you. Your customized lease will keep the original term (same remaining number of payments) with new payment pricing to reflect the difference between the total price of the existing lease and that of the new lease you want to upgrade to. No lease downgrades or lateral lease changes / payment plans are available. These terms apply to leases on this page and are not applicable to leases gotten through other sources.

This page is subject to change without notice. All lease purchase plans will always keep their original terms 🙂 

** By leasing, you acknowledge you have read and accept IndicatorSmart terms and conditions. Leases do not include Bloodhound (which may be used to make the background color changes on some charts), BlackBird (advanced trade management), Smart Trend Tools, Smart Pattern Alerts  or Smart TradeMarkers.  All of which are highly recommended. Leases are not available for Bloodhound or BlackBird. Smart TradeMarkers leases are done on special request only. 

Thank You for supporting our work!