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Best Practices

Did you know NinjaTrader  8 can keep backups of all your indicators, workspaces and templates in addition to other parts of your installation?  Ninjatrader keeps the backups in a folder in your Documents folder called: NinjaTrader 8 Backup.  For this reason, these days we do not keep current versions of your exact Ninjatrader 8 installation on your account.  When you get an indicator from us, always be sure to save your installation files in a safe place (i.e. a backup drive). Further, always be sure to run (inital and periodic) backups in Ninjatrader 8.  Automatic backups can be scheduled in Ninjatrader. See NT documentation for more on this if needed.

It is not advised to leave your Data Box open continuously. Instead of using the Data Box, you may even prefer hovering over your chart on the desired area and pressing the scroll wheel to see the data for that bar.

Unplanned outages from unneeded Bios updates are by far the number one casue of (unplanned) loss of use of Ninjatrader Indicators. Not turning off Bios updates can result in  prolonged unplanned outages, and this is entirely prevenatable and easy to do.  An internet search on how to do this can help if you do not know how.  Declining prompts from your computer to update the Bios will also prevent outages.  If changing machine ID, please order one through the Machine ID Change page.

If you are changing from one machine to another using backups, this process takes only minutes where doing it from scratch can take hours (or much more). Be sure to backup now if you have not done so to prevent outages.  It is usually recommended to keep a full backup and then a partial one just with your indicators, templates and workspaces. This way you have multiple backups and can achieve quick recovery when needed. To do this go as follows:

In NT8 go Tools- Export Backup and select the indicators and anything else you want (i.e. workspaces and templates). Take that file from your NT8 backup folder and import it to the new machine. This is super fast and includes all your templates workspaces and etc. It’s the way to go 🙂

If changing machine ID, please order one through the Machine ID Change page.