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Smart Upgrades

If Upgrading, please read this page carefully before going to the Upgrade Navigation Spreadsheet for NT8 (it’s super important)!

When you get an indicator from us, it has a lifetime license and support for NT7, or NT8. When you get a tool from us, we strongly recommend you save copies of your downloads / installations for future reference as we only keep current versions.  In other words, we cannot guarantee we will have copies of prior versions.  Indicators come with two years of free upgrades (if any) when you get them.

Most indicators when a vendor programs them, will never be looked at or modified again.  Simply put, many of our indicators are not of this variety.  For this reason there may be ongoing developments, improvements and enhancements. In many cases a user does not necessarily want or need new features. But if you do want them, that’s what they are for.  So, when you upgrade there may be a nominal cost that helps support the cost of ongoing programming research and development.  Any Smart indicator released when we redid the (new website (2021) was rebuilt from scratch to take full advantage of NT8 capabilities and these will have a version number on them when you look at the indicator properties (those that do not have a version number on them are from before this time).  At the bottom of this page there is a link to a spreadsheet that shows current version numbers, new features and upgrade costs.  If you’d like to upgrade, do it becasue you’d like the added features and benefits or because you’d like to support ongoing research and development.    If you are converting from NT7 to NT8 you will want to fully upgrade for the indicators you like and/or use. The spreadsheet also links into the product on the website making navigating upgrades easier. As of December 2021, we no longer offer tools for NT7 on the website.

As an alternative to upgrading, you may also like our Lease Purchase Program.

If placing an upgrade order, please be sure to include your machine ID(s)  as applicable in the box provided at checkout. The upgrades include newly written manuals with applications and descriptions in addition to the settings. Many of the things in the new manuals are quite actionable, so we believe there’s good value in the new manuals as well.

Using the above guidelines and the instructions in the spreadsheet, decide which tools you’d like to upgrade. Use the links to go to the product and then add the upgrade to your shopping cart using the appropriate options in the drop down menu before adding the upgrade to the shopping cart.  Use the coupon codes to apply your discount for upgrades or any other desired items at checkout (coupon codes apply to items that are not on sale).

*Note: Before importing your new indicators, it is highly recommended you remove the old ones by going Tools — Options — Remove Ninjascript Assembly. This ensures a clean installation. Make absolutely sure to only remove the indicators you are updating as we no longer have the prior code as described above; only the new upgrade versions are available. You may also choose to back up your old indicators before doing this procedure to be safe (using Ninjatrader8 backup functions which work quite well and is highly recommended anyway).  If you are upgrading all the indicators, this will not be an issue. If you do not see an indicator in the spreadsheet, it has been discontinued. We also recommend upgrading to the latest version of NinjaTrader 8, if applicable, to further ensure a clean install.

If you are upgrading from any version of the Legacy Smart Patterns Trading System, we highly recommend upgrading to the Smart Super Renko and the Trapped Trader Oscillator Advanced. If you prefer to upgrade only to the Smart Renko (Legacy) and / or the Smart Trapper Trader Oscillator (Legacy), then select those links at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Thank you for supporting our work and giving us the opportunity to progressively improve the Smart Patterns tools!

Click Here to See the Upgrade Spreadsheet.