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Smart Upgrades

If Upgrading from Ninjatrader 7 (or from older Ninjatrader 8 versions beyond 1 year, or Beta / Development versions of Ninjatrader 8), please read this page carefully before going to the (below) Upgrade Navigation Spreadsheet for our NinjaTrader 8 - 2021 advanced and upgraded verisons (it's super important)!

If you participated in the beta program for Ninjatrader 8, the Beta period for our NinjaTrader 8 conversions and indicator updates are complete. Thank you for all your help! Now that the Beta period is complete, we have the best working versions that fully meet our quality standards for release. All of the new indicators are completely new installations.

Because our indicators are, in many cases, not your regular everyday indicators, and because the indicators, in many cases work as an integrated whole, the project took approximately four years to fully complete and involved thousands of hours of development, effort and costs to get you the very best we could possibly offer for NinjaTrader 8. There were many blessings in this journey as we discovered many actionable trading methods in the process, and within the amazing capabilities of NinjaTrader 8, so the improvements are huge in our opinion.

This being said, Smart indicators 2021 are not simply conversions from NinjaTrader 7 to NinjaTrader 8. They are entirely new trading tools that are powerful implementations within NinjaTrader 8 that exploit its full capabilities with substantial improvements in speed, syncing and functionality both within the indicators themselves as well as integrally across the indicators when used in various combinations or as a suite. In addition you get even more than just this as various NT8 tools have been given added features and functions that take advantage of NinjaTrader 8's full capabilities.

There is a nominal fee for NinjaTrader 8 upgrades for existing Smart Indicator owners. If you have a Beta / Development version of NinjaTrader 8 software from the Beta / Development period or versions older than one year, upgrades are generally recommended. Upgrades are done by visiting the indicator you are wanting to upgrade by following the links on the upgrades spreadsheet below and selecting the upgrade option for each indicator you are upgrading on the website. Please do not upgrade indicators you do not already have (for this case, a credit will automatically be issued with a 4% credit fee reduction to cover the fees). If you are unsure, please contact us and we'll help.

Below, you will find the spreadsheet link that takes you to a linking system to help you to get to the right place on the website to upgrade. Be sure to take advantage of the coupon codes in the spreadsheet at checkout for the best pricing on your order. You can also add any new indicators you would like in the same order to increase your discount with the coupons.

If you are upgrading from a Beta / Development NinjaTrader 8 version, note the version number of each indicator you are upgrading. If your version number is less than the one shown (you can check your version by looking at the indicator settings within NinjaTrader 8). If you do not have a version number on your indicator, then the upgrade is recommended. There is a column in the spreadsheet that shows the upgrades/improvements that have been made for each indicator to benefit you.

Upgrades are a completely new installation, so please include your machine ID(s) as is applicable in the box provided at checkout. In addition, when you upgrade, you'll get newly written manuals with applications and descriptions in addition to the settings. We feel many of these concepts and applications in the new manuals are highly actionable, so we feel the manuals provide added value.

Using the above guidelines and the instructions in the spreadsheet, decide which tools you'd like to upgrade. Use the links to go to the product to add the upgrade from the drop down provided to your shopping cart. Use the coupon codes to apply your discount for upgrades or any other desired items at checkout.

*Note: For NinjaTrader 8, where applicable, before importing your new indicators, please remove the old ones by going Tools -- Options -- Remove Ninjascript Assembly. This ensures a clean installation. Make absolutely sure to only remove the indicators you are updating as we no longer have the Beta / Development code. Only the new upgrade versions are available. You may also choose to back up your old indicators before doing this procedure to be safe. If you are upgrading all the indicators, this will not be an issue. If you do not see an indicator in the spreadsheet, it has been discontinued. We also recommend upgrading to the latest version of NinjaTrader 8, if applicable, to further ensure a clean install.

If you are upgrading from any older version of the Legacy Smart Patterns Trading System, we highly recommend upgrading to the Smart Super Renko and the Trapped Trader Oscillator Advanced. If you prefer to upgrade only to the Smart Renko (Legacy) and / or the Smart Trapper Trader Oscillator (Legacy), then select those links at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

We strongly believe the advancements we have made during the Beta / Development period are substantial. Thank you for supporting our work and giving us the opportunity to make these Smart tools available to you in NinjaTrader 8!

Click Here to See the Upgrade Spreadsheet.