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Price Action Trading

Price Action Trading is the purest form of chart analysis where no indicators are utilized and analysis is based purely on chart patterns. We offer in depth advanced training in this area in our trading room.

Understanding Price Action and Market Structure are very important skills that sit at the core of a good trading methodology (that can launch a trader into being fluent in his ability to analyze markets in any time frame and on any type of chart). Most of our indicators therefore support a Price Action and Market Structure approach and, in general show the trader things that cannot be seen simply by looking at a chart. As a result,  these kinds of indicators take pure price action trading to another level.

Price Action is also literally defined by the price bar that is chosen for your charts.  It is also at the heart of a properly designed trading system. By organizing your system from the ground up, and starting with the right bar type and bar analysis (i.e. indicators), you will be building your system from the most basic and fundamental strcuture and from the way markets themselves work. It is extrememly important that your indicators are fed the right data. For this reason, the price action price bars that you choose are critical to success.

In this category, you will find many indicators that can be used to support a Price Action based trading system / strategy or approach.

Be sure to see our custom price bars for more on this super important day trading concept.

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