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Ultimate Tick Bars


Ultimate Tick Bars for Ninjatrader.

Ultimate Tick Bars are and excellent tool for intraday traders because they show detail where markets have supply and demand and ignore it where they do not. They might even be called supply and demand bars.  Other bar types conceal important price relationships. This may be beneficial or detrimental depending on what you are trying to do. If you are looking for a bar that shows supply and demand, then this is a must have for your trading arsenal. Watch the videos below to learn more…

Also see the Packages Category for extra Smart pricing.

*Note: This selection does not include the bar counter.  See packages above for more options with the bar counter.

**Note: All purchases of the components of the Smart Patterns Trading System can later be applied to the overall system price.  Many traders have gotten the system by first getting a few components and then later getting the whole system the old fashioned way;  they earned it.

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