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Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator

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The Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator  (enjoy the video below) uses proprietary computations in order flow to help identify where traders are trapped on the wrong side of the market, thus identifying advantageous areas to trade, particularly in the intraday time frames. This tool is certainly one of our backbone indicators and it enables traders to analyze and make trading decisions based on divergences between price action imbalanced order flow that does not require a lot of over analysis; something that plaques many traders.  This makes it possible to trade on a sustained basis with low fatigue,  so you are fresh and alert when you need to be.  The importance of this for intraday traders is paramount and is part of an overall success strategy. This tool can be used effectively for counter-trend trading, trend trading ans scalping. The manual shows extensive techniques and new techniques using this tool are discovered and refined every day in the Oil Trading Room.

This tool also works very well with the Smart Break Points indicator that helps to identify key patterns in the tool.. Both Smart Break Points and the Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator output to and work powerfully with Shark Indicators BloodHound (as do many other Smart Indicators!)

*Note: All purchases of the components of the Smart Patterns Trading System can later be applied to the overall system price.  Many traders have gotten the system by first getting a few components and then later getting the whole system the old fashioned way;  they earned it.


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Smart Trapped Trader Oscillator Advanced, Add One License for a second machine, I want to upgrade from legacy TTO for a single machine


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